Something tells me Russia doesn’t have much longer as a true world power. The rest of the world, assuming the social equality movement continues at its current pace, won’t let you beat your own people senseless just because you don’t like where they put their dicks/mouths/hands/etc. 

The Kremlin would be right to shove its candy-cane spires up their tight bigoted assholes. 

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hey look bmo

A discussion of pop culture, third wave feminism, and gender that isn’t terrible or cissexist, hooray PBSIdea channel!

this is really, really good. he switches bmo’s pronouns throughout the video and also gives a good and respectful explanation of gender

*sheds a single, awe-filled tear*

Love it love it love it.

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Go on a run! :)

Number 4? Haha.

Whoever wrote #3 obviously hasn’t paid attention to the cost of good running shoes haha

This isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, running burns a lot of calories. At first. After your body is conditioned to running, especially long-distance running, you will have lost a good portion of your muscle mass. This process only leaves behind muscles directly involved in running, namely the leg muscles. The lost muscle-mass stops burning calories to maintain itself, and you begin burning muscle instead of fat. You’ll see a weight difference on the scale, but you’ll actually look a good bit fatter. Uh-oh.

It doesn’t reduce stress, in fact it causes your body to release cortisol, a fat storage stress hormone. 

It actually doesn’t affect your metabolism after you’re done running. That’s a myth. 

Expensive equipment may not be necessary to perform it, but expensive medical care will be necessary should you run with anything less that perfect form for longer than a few months. Running is extremely hard on your joints, and damage done to your knee and hip joints is basically irreversible. 

Also, this is fun. The calories burned by running are based upon your muscles having to propel your bodyweight forward. As you lose weight, you burn less calories by running. This is true of any bodyweight exercise, but the difference is that most bodyweight exercise is done for resistance training. Resistance training is almost always for strength, and doesn’t cause muscle loss unless overtraining is present. This means that your weight does change, but the muscular gains can compensate for it better, and if your workouts are too easy you do more reps. This is rarely the case for running, where a certain amount of time or distance is often the goal, not pure difficulty.

Basically, if you MUST run, an elliptical or stationary bike will serve you better. If you absolutely HAVE to run outdoors, try to do interval training instead of steady-speed distance running. Go for a short period of time, but make it really count. 

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Fitness tip #1:
Dress your retarded boyfriend while sitting at eye level on the bed, naked, next to an open window that looks out over a public park.

Fitness tip #1:

Dress your retarded boyfriend while sitting at eye level on the bed, naked, next to an open window that looks out over a public park.

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Fitblr Update

After returning from a food-laden trip, and gaining a whopping 7 pounds, I’ve decided perhaps a couple check-ins on this blog every week could do me some good. Even if its just to keep me accountable, it’s still something.

I thought maybe I should start off this thing with an overview of my fitness/weight loss history. Hit up the read-more, it’s a little lengthy.

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Durex and Daft Punk Team Up To Make ‘Get Lucky’ Condoms



Durex and Daft Punk Team Up To Make ‘Get Lucky’ Condoms


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Effects Of Thinking White People Are “All Like That”:

  • Literally nothing other than white people having their feelings hurt on the internet
  • I’m not joking there is no real world consequence of this

Effects Of Thinking People of Color Are “All Like That”:

I’m amused by how racist this is

White people can’t be racisted against because they’re white.

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mahm.. can you tuck me in? like this?

@\   /@      ”thanks mom”

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"Oh. Wait a minute. He’s not in a wheelchair, he’s just bad at chairs."

— There are some times when I worry about my own ability to form complete valuable thoughts, and other times when I think things like that and know that I’m not capable of complete valuable thoughts.


Husband animates joke about tortilla chips told by his drunk wife.

I am laughing so hard OH MY GOD

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beep beep friends

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All of my tumbles, they were unfollowed.

Why did I do that?

Dang, you guys change your URLs too often, I can’t find like half of you

Found some mustaches.

The last two pictures are just so you can understand what Finals has done to me. They were taken yesterday. -yesterday-.

It’s only monday. 



That funny moment when you rant about how you need to lose more weight, then go take measurements, and realize you’ve surpassed your goals by… quite a bit. 


"I’m worried about you."

I cannot even tell you how many people have said these words to me over the past couple of years, as I slowly lost weight. It gets old. It HAS been old, and it just continues to be old the more that I hear it. 

You’re worried? Oh my, I had better abandon all of my goals and stay in precisely the same shape YOU were comfortable with because that is truly what is important in the world. How YOU want me to look.

What is most surprising about that quote, is that it has come from almost every single person who I’ve known long enough to see a change in my appearance. Every. Single. One. 

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